No Bridle, No Bit, No Reins

In her new book, the author continues to widen her search to see the beauty in the world around her, trout lilies beside the creek in Pennsylvania, flowering Arizona mountains and the blue of the sky which she tries to name. But even as she sees beauty, she struggles to understand the world’s brokenness: mistreatment of native peoples, the murder of Jesuit priests in El Salvador, war and more war across the globe. She writes from the solitude of the desert while her heart and mind travel in the world of ideas.

Earth, Grass, Trees and Stone

With eyes wide open to the world around her, Mary Anne Morefield explores hedgerows and pastures, the plants, animals and humans that inhabit an 18th century Pennsylvania farm. She broadens her search to the wider world of ideas, to other cultures, to Aleppo and the West Bank. She looks directly at Hurricane Sandy and sits beside death. She examines the region of widowhood, laces up her hiking boots to explore new territory in the flora, fauna and mountains of Arizona. There new colors catch her eyes, new sounds enchant her ears. The poems speak to living fully and deeply in the world.